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How To Stay Productive While Working from Home

Working from home_adobestock_website

By Rachel Peck The last few years have seen a shift in workplace norms. Once an office only, cubicle friendly society, workspaces are beginning to look very different. Many employers are either offering designated “work from home” days, or only employ remote workers. Whether you’re experienced in maintaining a home office environment, or adjusting to this new perk, Eclipse Media Group has…

5 Tips for Starting a Blog

5 Tips for Starting a Blog

By Rachel Peck Many organizations still think blogging isn’t relevant or achievable for their business model, however that’s simply not true. Not only will a blog position you as a subject expert in your field, it’s an easy way to improve your search engine ranking and boost website visits. Blogs also provide useful evergreen content for your social media channels. With this…

2019 Social Media Takeaways

2019 social media takaways blog

By Rachel Peck As 2019 draws to a close and we look back on the year, there are a few standout social media trends. Only seeming to grow stronger each year, social media was once a tool used to enhance a brand’s presence, however 2019 saw its importance further elevated. Social media, beyond Facebook and LinkedIn, are officially must-haves for every brand’s…

4 PR and Marketing Tools We’re Thankful For

4 PR and Marketing Tools we're thankful for

By Rachel Peck As we approach the holiday season, we often reflect on what we’re thankful for. We’re all looking forward to the coming days of extra time with family, holiday food and the hustle of the season. Here at Eclipse Media Group, we’re also reflecting on a few public relations and marketing tools we’re thankful for this year. From project management…

Why B2B Social Media Should Be Creative

b2b on social media

By Rachel Peck Striking the balance between staying informative but entertaining on social media is particularly difficult for B2B marketers. While not all channels will work for every B2B industry, it’s important to note that no matter your social media platform of choice, businesses should make an effort to be just as creative and engaging as B2C marketers. Here are a few…

Images Talk: 3 Reasons Why Visuals are Key

three reasons why visuals are key

By Rachel Peck We’ve all been there. Attempting to read a blog, web page or social media post with paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. This can make it harder to read, more difficult to decipher and sometimes just plain boring. This doesn’t mean that the content isn’t valuable or interesting – it’s all in how the information is presented. Packaging is as…