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15 steps to good PR

EMG's 15 steps to good PR

Are you a public relations professional or someone looking to start a career in PR? Maybe you work with a PR team or want to simply learn more about what public relations is all about. Whatever the case, it’s important to keep in mind some important steps to help you navigate this complex world of communications. When working in an agency, you…

The Five P’s of PR | Eclipse Media Group Blog

EMG Blog 5 Ps of PR

Public relations is no small job and it requires a lot of time and dedication to see results over a period of time. PR is an investment for any company and, whether done in-house or with the right PR consulting firm, it’s a long-term investment into developing a deeper relationship with both the media and an audience. Good PR tells a story…

5 Effective ways B2Bs can increase engagement on social media

emgblog - increasing social media engagement

By Lindsay Erb Engaging current and potential customers online and through social media is important to the success of every business. Unfortunately, many B2Bs are still hesitant to fully embrace social media, let alone invest time and other resources into creating a social media presence. Increasing engagement on social media doesn’t have to be very complex. Below are a few easy, yet…

So, you started an Instagram…Now what?

so you started an Instagram

By Rachel Peck Many B2Bs, and even some B2Cs, have been slow to jump on the Instagram bandwagon. While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tend to be the most popular channels for many businesses, Instagram’s growth over the past few years, audience reach, and new sales opportunities have made it a social media must-have for many. However, starting an Instagram account is the…