5 Effective ways B2Bs can increase engagement on social media

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By Lindsay Erb

Engaging current and potential customers online and through social media is important to the success of every business. Unfortunately, many B2Bs are still hesitant to fully embrace social media, let alone invest time and other resources into creating a social media presence. Increasing engagement on social media doesn’t have to be very complex. Below are a few easy, yet effective ways B2Bs can increase engagement on social media.

Post relevant content 
Whether it be a blog post or a Tweet, B2B companies need to have a clear understanding of the message they are trying to convey for their business when posting on social channels. Posting relevant content is an important way to keep your customers engaged. For example, focus on content that is connected with current events, your business goals or a specific launch of a new product or service. Maybe your business is planning an upcoming webinar, or attending an event. Posting content leading up to the event would be relevant and also helpful to draw customers to attend. 

Be engaging 
Engaging customers is important, but it’s important for your brand to be engaging as well. Sharing, retweeting, and interacting with other posts on social media is a great way to make connections with other brands and people. When a customer tags your business in a post, consider reposting it on your social media platform. These third party posts and reviews also build credibility around your business. After all, it wouldn’t be “social” media if there was no engagement! 

Quick response times 
When conversing with your customers on social media, it is important to respond to them in a timely manner. Whether it be a question, or just an engaging comment on a photo, responding to your customers shows them that you care and also provides an opportunity to give them more information about your business. Some social media channels, such as Facebook, actually show how quick your response times are on your business page. Also, it’s important to acknowledge negative feedback rather than ignore it. This shows the public that your business cares about their reputation and is open to making changes in order to make customers happy. 

Use images and videos 
Posting images and videos is a great way to keep your customers interacting with your content. Studies show a social media post accompanied by an image or video is more likely to grab a customer’s attention than a post that only includes written content. Visually appealing posts are more likely to attract attention. Different design software’s such as Canva and Easil can help you accomplish this. Images are great for engaging customers, but video content is on the rise. In fact, Instagram actually declared they are no longer just a social media photo sharing app! 

Be Personable 
When it comes to social media, keep things light and fun. People love content that they can relate to. Try to be personable and make connections with your audience. For example, introduce the people of your business or maybe show a “behind the scenes” of what goes on in your office every day.

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