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3 Things to Know Before Posting to LinkedIn Stories


By Rachel Peck LinkedIn has become the newest social media platform to jump on the “stories” train. While users may be tempted to start uploading snapshots showcasing their brand or business, evaluating what content is appropriate for LinkedIn stories is a must. While we’re still testing out the format, and anticipate learning new capabilities as the feature develops, here are three things…

Making the most of your LinkedIn


Perhaps no social media channel is as popular in professional circles than LinkedIn. With more than 700 million users in more than 200 countries, its networking potential is unmatched – making it a crucial tool during this time of distanced engagement with industry peers and coworkers. However, LinkedIn is no longer just a platform for users to boast personal achievements and search…

Is Networking Still Possible in 2020?


By Rachel Peck Networking, like many of our usual business functions, is looking a little different these days. By this time last year, we had no doubt traveled to many industry events, and spent many evenings swapping stories and sharing ideas with like minded individuals. Now the idea of ordering from a bar, let alone eating from a buffet with a few…