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3 distractions that actually boost productivity

3 distractions that boost productivity

By Savanna Perry Everyone gets distracted, it’s just human nature. Distraction is often seen as a negative, but in reality, it can be positive and healthy for your brain. Distraction gives your brain time to rest and reset, allowing you to become productive again. Here are a few distractions that actually boost productivity: Take more (not less) breaksTaking small breaks throughout the…

5 Effective ways B2Bs can increase engagement on social media

emgblog - increasing social media engagement

By Lindsay Erb Engaging current and potential customers online and through social media is important to the success of every business. Unfortunately, many B2Bs are still hesitant to fully embrace social media, let alone invest time and other resources into creating a social media presence. Increasing engagement on social media doesn’t have to be very complex. Below are a few easy, yet…

4 tips to finding the right internship

4 tips to finding the right internship

By Savanna Perry Internships are an integral part of a college student’s education and future in the real-world. They help get your foot in the door and give you the experiences needed to succeed. They also help you determine if you really want to pursue a career in a specific field, or if another path might be best. Finding the perfect internship…

Social Media Burnout: When to log off

Social media burnout

By Lindsay Erb Social media is a great tool for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It can help you get attention and build awareness; however, it can also become exhausting and overwhelming very quickly. Many business owners and social media managers feel the constant need to refresh their feed and engage in content. However, many don’t realize how it’s…

Returning to the office? Here’s what you might have forgotten

back into the office

By Danielle Jarosz The past 18-months have brought about tremendous change in the way we all live our lives, whether it be social interactions, home life, or how we do our jobs. In the past, the ability to work from home was a privilege few could enjoy. Suddenly, many found themselves at home creating makeshift offices and meeting in virtual workspaces. Now,…

Welcome to the team: Danielle Jarosz

Danielle Jarosz

June has been a month of changes, new additions and growth here at Eclipse Media Group. A few weeks ago, we introduced our two new summer interns, as well as our new office space. We’re also pleased to announce a new addition to our full-time team – Danielle Jarosz from Wells, Maine. Danielle is a recent college graduate, who’s excited to dive…

4 tips for crafting an engaging e-newsletter

crafting an engaging e-newsletter

By Rachel Peck Confession time – I fear my e-newsletter tab in my email. Okay, so not a shocking admission, since I assume I’m not alone in this, but we’ve all been there. If you’ve ignored that tab for an entire work week, you might have hundreds of newsletters ranging from client news, to publications, industry peers and so many more. It’s…

Get to know EMG’s summer interns

Meet EMG's summer interns_june2021_website

Eclipse Media Group is excited to have two college interns join us for the summer months. At EMG, our interns work on a variety of projects, from blog, social media and general content creation, to research projects and report building. Join us in welcoming Lindsay Erb, from Scarborough, Maine and Savanna Perry from Sanford, Maine. Where are you going to school? What’s…

So, you started an Instagram…Now what?

so you started an Instagram

By Rachel Peck Many B2Bs, and even some B2Cs, have been slow to jump on the Instagram bandwagon. While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tend to be the most popular channels for many businesses, Instagram’s growth over the past few years, audience reach, and new sales opportunities have made it a social media must-have for many. However, starting an Instagram account is the…

Client News & Highlights | Eclipse Media Group Blog

Client news and highlights

Eclipse Media Group is proud to work with companies in the security and technology industries whose technologies, solutions and services are helping to shape the places in which we live and work. As such, we wanted to highlight some of our recent collaborations with clients that have resulted in news coverage, thought leadership articles, blogs and interviews over the past few months….