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5 tips for creating stellar social media content

By Polly Hersey Communication professionals know that staying on top of the latest trends in social media can be a full-time job. In the not too distant past, social media was a secondary tactic used within marketing campaigns. Fast forward to today and brands have a major opportunity to leverage their message and reach a broader audience than ever before when relying…

Why it’s important to invest in internal communications

By Chelsie Woods Public relations and marketing teams spend a significant amount of time securing media opportunities to ensure that current and potential customers know about a major project win or hear about the latest and greatest new product. What sometimes gets overlooked in the process, is sharing this same information – and the resulting media coverage – with your internal channels….

3 simple ways to improve your SEO

SEO tips blog pic

By Danielle Jarosz In public relations, we tend to find ourselves in charge of websites for a number of reasons. Whether it be for a client’s company page, our own website or running a blog feed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) shows us how our content fares on the vast internet. The goal is to have your site appear high on the results…

5 Mobile Apps that Bring Us Joy

Mobile apps blog pic

by Chelsie Woods The holiday season for 2021 is here and there’s no question that this is an extremely busy time. For public relations professionals, this is when we compile strategic plans for content, identify editorial opportunities for the New Year and engage in budget planning sessions with clients. It’s a juggling act, but we have a few favorite mobile apps that…

How to make the most of your team brainstorming session

Brainstorming blog pic

by Danielle Jarosz Whether it is for strategizing blog ideas, social content or publications to pitch, brainstorming is an important job of public relations professionals. Most agencies would argue that these team meetings drive innovation and allow for the best ideas to come through. However, it can be easy to get sidetracked or lose the purpose of the session entirely if a…

Step by Step: How to create an Instagram Reel

EMG Blog - How to Create a Reel

By Danielle Jarosz There are plenty of ways to garner attention from your followers but keeping your page dynamic with multiple forms of media is imperative to keep engagement high. Videos and animated posts catch the eye of social media scrollers, so creating content such as Reels can provide the extra push that your page needs to stand out. Reels are relatively…

4 tips to finding the right internship

4 tips to finding the right internship

By Savanna Perry Internships are an integral part of a college student’s education and future in the real-world. They help get your foot in the door and give you the experiences needed to succeed. They also help you determine if you really want to pursue a career in a specific field, or if another path might be best. Finding the perfect internship…

Social Media Burnout: When to log off

Social media burnout

By Lindsay Erb Social media is a great tool for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It can help you get attention and build awareness; however, it can also become exhausting and overwhelming very quickly. Many business owners and social media managers feel the constant need to refresh their feed and engage in content. However, many don’t realize how it’s…

4 tips for crafting an engaging e-newsletter

crafting an engaging e-newsletter

By Rachel Peck Confession time – I fear my e-newsletter tab in my email. Okay, so not a shocking admission, since I assume I’m not alone in this, but we’ve all been there. If you’ve ignored that tab for an entire work week, you might have hundreds of newsletters ranging from client news, to publications, industry peers and so many more. It’s…

How small companies can earn big media attention

Small companies can attract big media attention

By Chelsie Woods A common misconception amongst many small businesses is that to generate meaningful media and marketing opportunities you need to spend a lot of money or be connected to a well-known brand. These are simply not true. In fact, there are many small companies who have been able to make a strong name for themselves without the backing of a…