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By Rachel Peck

Producing engaging, informative and visually pleasing content is no simple task, and is more important than ever for all types of organizations. Unfortunately, social media aesthetics are sometimes the first to go when there isn’t a dedicated social media manager, or content creator to take it on. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available to communications professionals and businesses of all sizes – from content scheduling software, to Instagram templates. We have put together a list of social media tools everyone can use.

Creating beautiful social media content is that much easier with tools like Canva – especially if you’re developing content for several different clients, or for your own business. In addition to templates for all your social media channels, it also offers templates for posters, business cards, resumes and pretty much everything your business might need. A basic version of Canva is free of charge with access to thousands of templates to get you started.

Similar to Canva, Easil is our personal favorite for creating Instagram and LinkedIn stories. With simple, easy to use templates, you can design each to your own brand guidelines. Creating content on Easil is intuitive and perfect for teams lacking in complex graphic design skills or software.

Now that you have your content designed and created, the real fun starts. Whether you’re managing your own social media feeds in-house, or you’re a communications professional managing several different client’s social media, having planning and scheduling software is an important investment. Planoly’s StoriesEdit allows you to easily plan and schedule your Instagram and Facebook stories, while the Sellit feature offers an easy way to transform your feed into a social marketplace.

It’s easy to often be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of news you have to keep track of and consume. Whether it’s relevant to your personal life, your business/organization, or your client – staying informed is paramount. To help you stay organized and informed, we suggest Feedly. All you have to do is create news lists by topics and it easily organizes relevant news sources. This is also a great tool to use if you have several different clients who might require various industry insights. Depending on your subscription, you can also track Google alerts and Twitter feeds.

Whether you need assistance creating content, planning and organizing, or tracking it, we suggest you try a few (or all) of these social media tools.

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