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3 simple ways to improve your SEO

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In public relations, we tend to find ourselves in charge of websites for a number of reasons. Whether it be for a client’s company page, our own website or running a blog feed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) shows us how our content fares on the vast internet. The goal is to have your site appear high on the results list from search…

5 things in PR that make us (and our clients!) merry

There are plenty of things around the holidays that make us merry here at Eclipse, such as spending time with our families, going on vacations and eating lots of yummy foods. Luckily for us, we don’t stop being merry once the holidays go by! Here are five things about public relations that continue to make us (and our clients) smile all through…

5 Mobile Apps that Bring Us Joy

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The holiday season for 2021 is here and there’s no question that this is an extremely busy time. For public relations professionals, this is when we compile strategic plans for content, identify editorial opportunities for the New Year and engage in budget planning sessions with clients. It’s a juggling act, but we have a few favorite mobile apps that ensure we have…

The Graveyard of Social Media

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If you looked at most smartphones, the odds of finding Facebook, Twitter or Instagram downloaded would be very high. These social channels, along with many others, have become a normal part of our lives as well as our social interaction with others. However, buried six feet under the ground lies plenty of social media that did not stand the test of time….

Podcasts you should be listening to | International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day

We’ve put together a few of these blogs over the years, being avid podcast listeners, and they mostly center around public relations and professional podcasts. International Podcast Day was a few days ago, so it’s fitting for us to highlight some of our favorites— both serious and some that just keep us sane. PR in the technology industry can mean hours and…

Step by Step: How to create an Instagram Reel

EMG Blog - How to Create a Reel

There are plenty of ways to garner attention from your followers but keeping your page dynamic with multiple forms of media is imperative to keep engagement high. Videos and animated posts catch the eye of social media scrollers, so creating content such as Reels can provide the extra push that your page needs to stand out. Reels are relatively new to the…

Back to blogging basics: Five steps to optimizing your content

back to blogging basics

So, you started a blog…what now? It’s the question on every content developer’s mind. It’s what keeps us up at night or staring at an empty page on a screen. At times, it’s as if our ability to create meaningful sentences has left the building. We’ve all been there. When it comes to writing blogs – whether you’re an agency developing content…

15 steps to good PR

EMG's 15 steps to good PR

Are you a public relations professional or someone looking to start a career in PR? Maybe you work with a PR team or want to simply learn more about what public relations is all about. Whatever the case, it’s important to keep in mind some important steps to help you navigate this complex world of communications. When working in an agency, you…

The Five P’s of PR | Eclipse Media Group Blog

EMG Blog 5 Ps of PR

Public relations is no small job and it requires a lot of time and dedication to see results over a period of time. PR is an investment for any company and, whether done in-house or with the right PR consulting firm, it’s a long-term investment into developing a deeper relationship with both the media and an audience. Good PR tells a story…

What we learned during our summer internship

what we learned during our summer internship

Eclipse Media Group was excited to have two summer interns join us for a few months as part of our summer internship program. Savanna Perry, a resident of Sanford, Maine and a student at the University of Tampa, and Lindsay Erb from Scarborough, Maine and a student at Endicott College, spent eight weeks learning the ins and outs of public relations. As…