5 Mobile Apps that Bring Us Joy

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The holiday season for 2021 is here and there’s no question that this is an extremely busy time. For public relations professionals, this is when we compile strategic plans for content, identify editorial opportunities for the New Year and engage in budget planning sessions with clients.

It’s a juggling act, but we have a few favorite mobile apps that ensure we have access to information and content creating tools to stay both connected and productive. Here are our picks for 5 mobile apps that bring us joy because they make our lives a little easier, especially during this time of the year.

Being connected with your colleagues is critical, but sending an important work note via text can easily get lost in a sea of other messages. In addition to the desktop version, Slack offers a mobile app where you can create threads by topic or with specific groups of people, making it easier to communicate when on the go. A great feature of the mobile app is that a user can also conduct a keyword search within each thread, so if you need to double check on a conversation about a specific editorial opportunity, it can be easily found and referenced.

Where would we be today without Zoom? Zoom has allowed us to stay in touch with clients and colleagues alike when meeting face to face was not possible. Today, it remains one of our go-to resources for hosting online meetings, but the mobile app also has a few bonus benefits. For example, do you need to take notes during the meeting, but find it’s difficult to do when your Zoom is connected to your laptop? The Zoom mobile app allows you to run a video meeting on your smartphone so that you can simultaneously take notes on your laptop..

For those who like to make to-do lists, Trello is the tool for you. The mobile app gives users access to boards and lists whether they are in front of their laptop or not. The mobile phone push notification option gives quick updates on the status of projects and activities, especially as they move through the review and approval process. The mobile app also includes a handy shortcut at the bottom of the screen so that users can easily jump to their specific cards and quickly check out their to-do list.

Getting that perfect photo for a social media post can sometimes be frustrating, especially when there is an unsightly item in the background that is impossible to crop out. Large street signs, portable toilets, power lines or trash cans come to mind. TouchRetouch is an app that enables users to edit pictures while on the go and seamlessly removes unappealing background items from images. The app automatically fills in the empty space where the unsightly item was.

Our list of mobile apps that bring us joy wouldn’t be complete without including a to-go beverage ordering app. At the end of the day, time can be in short supply, but the Starbucks mobile app makes it possible to stay on task and quickly pick up a caffeinated beverage to get through the rest of the day. Best of all, users can simultaneously earn rewards points that can be applied for free or discounted orders in the future.

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