5 things in PR that make us (and our clients!) merry

There are plenty of things around the holidays that make us merry here at Eclipse, such as spending time with our families, going on vacations and eating lots of yummy foods. Luckily for us, we don’t stop being merry once the holidays go by! Here are five things about public relations that continue to make us (and our clients) smile all through the year:

Landing a great interview
You know how Santa always makes the perfect landing on a roof? Landing a great interview opportunity feels the same way for public relations professionals. When you check your inbox in the morning and see a reporter is interested in speaking with your client, you want to jump with joy! We love seeing our hard work and expertise pay off and being able to provide the good news to our clients.

Scoring a case study
A case study is an excellent way to promote company achievements because it shows real life examples of your client making a difference. In the security industry, we are constantly writing success stories about our clients’ products being used in big name universities, arenas, retail locations and more. One case study we hope to write some day is how one of our clients’ security systems stopped all the break-ins on Christmas Eve— how does he fit down that chimney?

Seeing social media engagement
Unfortunately we don’t have hundreds of elves liking our posts online, but it sure feels good when you do! Clicking a ‘like’ or ‘share’ button can be as quick as packing a snowball, and it shows public relations professionals that their content matters. Plus, we heard that those who follow Eclipse Media Group’s social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) always end up on the Nice list.

Brainstorming the next big blog idea
Brainstorming can be a lot like decorating a Christmas tree— it’s fun and there are plenty of shiny ornaments to go around! Don’t worry if you feel like your idea isn’t good enough for the front of the tree. When we share our ideas for blogs, we tend to come up with the best ones by piggybacking off each other. And just like we use evergreen trees each year, make sure to include evergreen content now and again!

Attending industry events
For many of us who provide global PR support, the opportunities for face to face time with clients and colleagues can be scarce— particularly over the past two years with the pandemic impacting industry events and travel. On our wish list this year is to be able to once again travel to industry events, make new connections, and meet with our clients and media colleagues. It also provides us different scenery and a change of pace from the office— something to stay merry for!

Looking for more on what makes us merry? Check out our blog where you can also find more PR and marketing tips.