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Welcome to the Team: Polly Hersey

As we all prepare for new beginnings in 2022, we are excited for our own growth here at Eclipse Media Group. A few weeks ago, we introduced our newest member to our PR crew, Polly Hersey. Polly is a fellow Mainer who enjoys life in this great state, but also enjoys seeing the world! Read more about Polly and join us in…

The Five P’s of PR | Eclipse Media Group Blog

EMG Blog 5 Ps of PR

Public relations is no small job and it requires a lot of time and dedication to see results over a period of time. PR is an investment for any company and, whether done in-house or with the right PR consulting firm, it’s a long-term investment into developing a deeper relationship with both the media and an audience. Good PR tells a story…

Welcome to the team: Danielle Jarosz

Danielle Jarosz

June has been a month of changes, new additions and growth here at Eclipse Media Group. A few weeks ago, we introduced our two new summer interns, as well as our new office space. We’re also pleased to announce a new addition to our full-time team – Danielle Jarosz from Wells, Maine. Danielle is a recent college graduate, who’s excited to dive…

4 tips for crafting an engaging e-newsletter

crafting an engaging e-newsletter

By Rachel Peck Confession time – I fear my e-newsletter tab in my email. Okay, so not a shocking admission, since I assume I’m not alone in this, but we’ve all been there. If you’ve ignored that tab for an entire work week, you might have hundreds of newsletters ranging from client news, to publications, industry peers and so many more. It’s…

Client News & Highlights | Eclipse Media Group Blog

Client news and highlights

Eclipse Media Group is proud to work with companies in the security and technology industries whose technologies, solutions and services are helping to shape the places in which we live and work. As such, we wanted to highlight some of our recent collaborations with clients that have resulted in news coverage, thought leadership articles, blogs and interviews over the past few months….

The value of building a sustainable PR agency

building a sustainable PR agency

By Eclipse Media Group Any public relations, marketing or communications agency faces the same dilemma – how to build a sustainable PR practice. Furthermore, it can even be difficult to answer the question: what makes a sustainable business? Is it employee or client retention, relationships with media, journalists and your audience or by offering attainable and valuable services? It’s likely a mixture…

4 things about PR they didn’t teach you in college

4 things they didn't teach you about PR in college_emg blog

By Rachel Peck While college is farther away for some of us than others, it’s probably not difficult to recall your ambitions and expectations regarding your post-college career. Was it to be a life-long journalist – breaking news at all hours of the day/night? Or possibly you dreamed of working in public relations, putting out fires left and right and handling crisis…

Should you be on Clubhouse?

EMG Blog - Should You be on Clubhouse

By Rachel Peck Unless you’ve been living in a digital blackout, or taking a much-needed social cleanse, then you’ve probably heard of Clubhouse. Social media’s newest darling, marketed as a “thought leadership” platform and an opportunity for small businesses to network on the main stage, is a social media chat room on steroids. While it might seem to make sense for the…

Meet the women of Eclipse Media Group

Eclipse Media Group is a boutique agency specializing in the B2B technology industry. Because B2B is often considered less “glamorous” than B2C, and is a largely male-dominated field, it can be a difficult career field for young, diverse professionals to access. Learn more about the women of EMG and our partners, SPRG, in Beijing below: Chelsie Woods, Principal I’m a lifelong Mainer…