Why it’s important to invest in internal communications

Public relations and marketing teams spend a significant amount of time securing media opportunities to ensure that current and potential customers know about a major project win or hear about the latest and greatest new product.

What sometimes gets overlooked in the process, is sharing this same information – and the resulting media coverage – with your internal channels. Many companies forget that just as it is important to share a company’s good news externally, it’s equally as important to share the same information with employees within the company.

Internal communications should be part of every marketing plan and these efforts need to extend beyond executive leadership and corporate communications to also include the sales channel and supporting staff.

Here are a few ways to make this happen.

Create an employee marketing update
It’s unrealistic to expect that employees are going to know about all of the activities within the marketing and communications department, but it is possible to develop a system to keep employees posted about many of these activities. This can easily be accomplished through distributing an internal email that highlights the latest company news, such as new hires or clients, internal promotions or accolades, and top media coverage items. For those with additional resources at their disposal, consider investing in a newsletter template from Constant Contact or another platform to create and distribute these updates in a consistent format on a regular basis.

Share your marketing plans
Do you have a big PR and marketing campaign in the works? Sharing these plans with employees not only keeps them aware of these initiatives, but allows them to reinforce and amplify the message. Whether it’s a social media campaign, an online advertisement, or a print advertisement, employees can also help to spread the word and reinforce key messaging. This is especially true with shareable social media content. There are several online platforms that make it easy for employees to cross promote approved social media posts and campaigns. One to consider is Bambu by Sprout Social.

Leverage LinkedIn
LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable tool for business professionals, especially those looking to network. However, LinkedIn is also a dynamic platform that can be used to share timely information and create a communication channel for a select group of people. This can be accomplished by setting up a Private LinkedIn Group. The private aspects of LinkedIn can also foster dialogue between employees and provide an easy method for the marketing team to track both the reach and engagement.

By taking a few simple steps, public relations and marketing teams can ensure that fellow employees are fully informed about the latest company news and marketing milestones and can even identify internal champions outside of your marketing group who are enthusiastic about your department’s efforts. Employees who see their peers excited about or promoting activities outside their specific department or area of responsibilities can be a great way to continue to foster a team environment at your organization.

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