Get to know EMG’s summer interns

Eclipse Media Group is excited to welcome two summer interns from the University of Southern Maine. At EMG, our interns work closely with us on a variety of public relations and marketing activities, from social media management and content creation to media tracking and research. Joining us this summer are Aidan Mitchell from Brunswick, Maine and Jordan Cote from Camden, Maine.

Where are you going to school? What’s your major and why did it interest you? What are your specific goals? 

Aidan Mitchell

Aidan– I’m currently a senior at the University of Southern Maine where I’m studying media studies. This interests me because I have always been interested in creating media, and also sports media, so that’s why I decided to go with that major. My goals are to end up with a job that’s in the sports field, where I can create ads or content, or even be a part of a marketing team. I would even like to run a social media campaign or manage a company’s social media.

Jordan Cote

Jordan– I am going into my senior year at the University of Southern Maine. My major is technology management with a concentration in information and communications. It is interesting to me because it is so broad and has so many different learning opportunities. One day I could be writing code for a website, another I could be doing cybersecurity or even graphics and digitals the next. Technology and media have also been a big part of my life growing up with a social presence and a digital generation. A goal of mine is to gain experience and navigate the direction I want to further pursue. 

What made you want to consider a career in public relations/marketing? 

Aidan– I feel that it’s a career where you are always working on different projects, which is very appealing to me. It’s also a career where you get to use a lot of your own creativity. I love the fact that you are working with a bunch of different companies and trying to connect with them. I also love working with a team, which is a big part of marketing and PR.

Jordan– Growing up with social media and the easy access to technology made me consider a career in public relations/marketing because it has always been a part of my life. It will hopefully allow me to use my creative skills to generate great publicity for good causes.

What are you most excited to learn during this internship?

Aidan– I am most excited to learn about how to help business and clients with their needs, and produce content that they can use to their benefit. I’m also excited to learn about how to market on social media platforms. Learning how press releases work is also something that I am looking forward to doing.

Jordan– I am most excited to learn more about the industry and how it works during this internship. This internship will allow me to improve some personal skills as well as professional skills and goals. 

What are your hobbies? 

Aidan– I like to ski, surf, golf, work out, play basketball and lacrosse, and I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Jordan– My hobbies include playing tennis year round, traveling to new places, and baking. I also enjoy skiing in the winter. I grew up practicing with the race team and have been skiing since I was three as both my parents taught Ski School at Sugarloaf. 

What’s your favorite thing about a Maine summer?

Aidan– My favorite thing about a Maine summer is by far the beaches. Maine has so many cool beaches, and every year I spend a week at the beach with a lot of my close family.

Jordan– My favorite thing about a Maine summer is spending time at the beach because of how close it is and ending summer days with ice cream from the local ice cream shop.