Welcome to the team: Danielle Jarosz

Danielle Jarosz

June has been a month of changes, new additions and growth here at Eclipse Media Group. A few weeks ago, we introduced our two new summer interns, as well as our new office space. We’re also pleased to announce a new addition to our full-time team – Danielle Jarosz from Wells, Maine. Danielle is a recent college graduate, who’s excited to dive into the world of technology and public relations. Read more about her and join us in welcoming her to the team!

Where did you attend college? What was your major and why did it interest you? What were your specific goals?
I studied Media Studies and Theatre at the University of Maine. Throughout my four years, I worked as a Student Ambassador in the Admissions Office, the Director of Communications for our non-profit student government and as a public relations intern at a local impact consulting firm. While in high school, I took a million personality quizzes, and though that might not be the most reliable way of choosing a career path, it did lead me in the direction of PR and communications. Early in high school I decided I would pursue public relations, so media studies was the best track at UMaine to get me closer to that goal. I chose to also study theatre because I loved being on stage and so many skills are transferable to PR, like projecting, confidence, improvisation and teamwork.

What made you want to consider a career in public relations/marketing?
My mom always said when I was a kid, “You talk so much you should make it into a career!” So, I found a field where I could do just that. I have always loved working with people, writing, and being able to creatively present data and projects, so PR was the perfect fit for me.

What are you most excited to learn during your work at EMG?
I am excited to further my career in PR and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the field. This is my first experience working in the security and technology industries, so it’s exciting to continue learning even after graduation. I love being in a professional environment and working with such amazing people. It’s great having my own workspace and finding my fit in the crazy world of PR.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, crocheting, writing, playing video games and napping with my rescue dog Diesel. My favorite podcast is Crime Junkie and I finally learned how to crochet a potholder. I’m currently writing my first play inspired by Stephen King’s Under the Dome, and I would love to direct it someday, or perhaps film it. I used to be into video games like Mario Party and Bratz on the GameCube when I was a kid but had fallen out of it. Now I really enjoy open world games and being able to create a character from scratch with unique personalities and abilities. My favorite games right now are TES Skyrim and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

What’s your favorite thing about a Maine summer?
I used to hate the beach as a kid because of how sand gets EVERYWHERE! Now, going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I love jumping waves in the freezing ocean with my friends and playing Kan Jam in the sand. A lot of people think the ocean is too cold to swim, but not for us Mainers!

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