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Back to blogging basics: Five steps to optimizing your content

back to blogging basics

So, you started a blog…what now? It’s the question on every content developer’s mind. It’s what keeps us up at night or staring at an empty page on a screen. At times, it’s as if our ability to create meaningful sentences has left the building. We’ve all been there. When it comes to writing blogs – whether you’re an agency developing content…

15 steps to good PR

EMG's 15 steps to good PR

By Danielle Jarosz Are you a public relations professional or someone looking to start a career in PR? Maybe you work with a PR team or want to simply learn more about what public relations is all about. Whatever the case, it’s important to keep in mind some important steps to help you navigate this complex world of communications. When working in…

The Five P’s of PR | Eclipse Media Group Blog

EMG Blog 5 Ps of PR

By Rachel Peck Public relations is no small job and it requires a lot of time and dedication to see results over a period of time. PR is an investment for any company and, whether done in-house or with the right PR consulting firm, it’s a long-term investment into developing a deeper relationship with both the media and an audience. Good PR…

Security & Safety Things’ open platform Application Store for smart security cameras reaches 100 app milestone

100 app milestone

MUNICH – 5 August, 2021 — Security and Safety Things GmbH has announced it now offers 100 unique video analytic applications in its Application Store, further strengthening its position as the largest open platform application store for smart security cameras in the world.

What we learned during our summer internship

what we learned during our summer internship

Eclipse Media Group was excited to have two summer interns join us for a few months as part of our summer internship program. Savanna Perry, a resident of Sanford, Maine and a student at the University of Tampa, and Lindsay Erb from Scarborough, Maine and a student at Endicott College, spent eight weeks learning the ins and outs of public relations. As…