Security & Safety Things’ open platform Application Store for smart security cameras reaches 100 app milestone

100 app milestone
  • The S&ST Marketplace Application Store now features 100 Artificial Intelligence-infused video analytic apps that address a variety of security and operational use cases
  • Users can download apps from the Application Store onto a smart camera, much like a smartphone
  • Video analytic applications transform security cameras into a valuable business intelligence tool

MUNICH – 5 August, 2021 — Security and Safety Things GmbH has announced it now offers 100 unique video analytic applications in its Application Store, further strengthening its position as the largest open platform application store for smart security cameras in the world.

The Security & Safety Things’ (S&ST) Application Store now features 100 ready-to-use apps that offer video analytic solutions for retail, manufacturing and logistics, commercial office space, parking and stadium environments, with more apps constantly being added. These apps are designed to run on smart cameras using the S&ST open camera operating system and the S&ST open IoT platform, which enable cameras to simultaneously run a variety of applications that perform different functions. The camera OS is based on the developer-friendly Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

“The depth and breadth of the apps we’re able to offer customers through our Application Store is a testament to the growing market demand for flexible, innovative video analytics solutions to meet unique business needs,” said Hartmut Schaper, chief executive officer, Security & Safety Things. “By bringing together the collective power of our developer partners, S&ST can make the increasingly fast emerging innovation in video analytics solutions quickly available for businesses and integrators to generate value.”

These AI-enabled applications can be used to increase point-of-sale conversions in retail sectors, through the use of heat-mapping to discern popular items and store times. In stadiums and large events, apps are being used to reduce wait times in ticketing lines and providing contactless parking. In manufacturing and logistics, apps can be used to ensure employees are wearing proper safety vests, hats and reflection vests. In commercial buildings, they can reduce energy usage by monitoring heating and cooling systems.

Outside of operational and visitor experience enhancements, the same cameras used to streamline workflows in vertical markets can also be used to carry out security and safety measures, such as theft and weapons detection and the detection of aggressive or violent behavior. By enabling security cameras to run multiple apps at once, these cameras are transformed into a versatile security tool, which also offers valuable business intelligence.

To take advantage of these apps, end users can simply download and install new apps to their camera, using the S&ST OS, to fit new operational requirements. This also eliminates the need to purchase new hardware to add additional functionality to their video surveillance system. This smartphone approach to video surveillance offers pre-engineered apps and speeds up time to market – reducing development efforts for system integrators and camera manufacturers.

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