What we learned during our summer internship

what we learned during our summer internship

Eclipse Media Group was excited to have two summer interns join us for a few months as part of our summer internship program. Savanna Perry, a resident of Sanford, Maine and a student at the University of Tampa, and Lindsay Erb from Scarborough, Maine and a student at Endicott College, spent eight weeks learning the ins and outs of public relations. As part of their internship, they joined client meetings, developed and wrote blog and social content – including several Instagram Reels, and completed a number of research projects. Here’s what they took away from their summer internship and what they enjoyed the most.

What was your favorite project you worked on during your internship?

Savanna: My favorite project I worked on during my internship would probably be the blogs I wrote. I really enjoyed the entire process of it and that I got to take charge of every aspect of development. From brainstorming blog topics and writing them, to designing the social media content, seeing my work published online felt really rewarding. A close second would be the throwback Instagram Reel I made called “A trip down memory lane,” which highlighted the past 15 years of Eclipse Media Group’s event travels. I had a lot of fun going through all the old pictures and putting them together.

Lindsay: My favorite project I worked on during my internship was writing blogs. It gave me the ability to choose a topic that was interesting to me and write about it. It felt really cool to see both blogs I wrote published on the EMG website and to have them posted on social media as well.

What was something you didn’t expect to find challenging, but did?

Savanna: Coming up with social media captions was fairly challenging for me at times. I had never thought about that aspect before and didn’t think I would struggle with it. I would find myself just staring at my screen for a few minutes just trying to think of anything for it. Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most difficult.

Lindsay: Something I didn’t expect to find challenging was the competitive analysis research we conducted for a few clients. It seemed like one of the easier projects at first but finding relevant information and coming up with a strategy to do that was tougher than expected!

What was something you learned?

Savanna: I learned a lot about the security industry and technology industries in general. Before starting this internship, I barely knew anything about security companies, how their technology worked, or the fact that there were even PR firms specializing in technology industries like EMG does. I didn’t really have any interest in security tech before this, but now I will definitely pay a lot more attention to it.

Lindsay: I learned a lot of valuable information from this internship. Regarding all of the projects I completed, I learned how to efficiently research different topics and how to create social media content through many different software platforms. In general, I learned how to manage my time well in the office and I also learned more about how a real-life business works!

What was your favorite part about working in the Old Port?

Savanna: I really enjoyed getting to try new restaurants and just explore the city! Although I grew up in Maine, my family has never really spent a lot of time in Portland’s Old Port. It was really nice getting to try a bunch of different places. I wish I took more advantage of what we had around us and tried even more places!

Lindsay: My favorite part about working in the Old Port was having the ability to walk anywhere for lunch, or to take a quick break from the office, especially in the summer. It helped me realize I definitely want to work in a city after I graduate college.

What are you excited about for the upcoming school year?

Savanna: There’s a lot of things I’m excited for this upcoming school year. The main one would be that I’m going to be the Lead Resident Assistant in my dorm. I really love my job as a resident assistant, so I can’t wait to take on a bigger role in the department. I’m also going to be the Southeast District Webmaster of Kappa Kappa Psi which is really exciting. I really value and appreciate my fraternity, and again can’t wait to take on a bigger role. Lastly, I’m just really excited to see all of my friends again and explore Tampa Bay for one last year before I graduate in May.

Lindsay: This upcoming year, I am excited to study abroad in Madrid, Spain for four months. I’ll have the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the business world, as well as in my personal life!

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