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3 Reasons to Create Recyclable Content

3 reasons to create recyclable content

By Rachel Peck When developing a blog content strategy, it’s important to stay up-to-date on current trends and events, as they are applicable to your brand. However, you should also keep a well-maintained list of recyclable, “evergreen” content. Evergreen content includes videos, articles and blogs, which are relevant to your brand – no matter the current news cycle or brand messaging. Whether…

Security and Safety Things opens app challenge for developers

16 April, 2020 — Security and Safety Things GmbH has launched its App-Challenge, a contest offering developers the chance to present their solutions to leading industry players and compete for 3 x 10 000€ in prize money as well as the opportunity to present their winning application on the Security and Safety Things booth at GSX 2020 in September or a similar event depending on the COVID-19 situation. All developed applications will be listed on the company’s open Application Store where they can be purchased by integrators and end users to be deployed in live projects.

4 Podcasts for Communications Professionals

4 podcasts for communications professionals

By Rachel Peck If you’re a professional who relied on your daily commute as your podcast time, you’re not alone. Whether your commute was 10 minutes or two hours, that uninterrupted travel time is somewhat of a blessing and a curse. It’s the perfect time to catch up on an audiobook, podcast or calling family members. However, just because you’re no longer…

Remote Work Tools to Boost Productivity

blog_remote work tools to boost productivity

By Rachel Peck If you’re finding yourself missing your desk, the daily conversations with coworkers and the general noise of an office environment, you’re probably not alone. It can be difficult to find a new rhythm and feel productive in this new remote working situation – especially if you work best in a collaborative workspace. However, feeling connected, while working apart from…

Best Quarantine Social Media Channels

best quarantine social media channels

By Rachel Peck If social media wasn’t popular enough, the past few weeks have seen it come into its full potential. Not only has it become one of the primary sources of news during the COVID-19 crisis, but with millions of people finding themselves sequestered in their homes, the quarantine is breathing life into older channels, and pushing newer ones to the…