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Navigating the new workplace norm


By Rachel Peck Eclipse Media Group is slowly starting to integrate back into our physical office space after nearly three months working entirely remotely. Like so many others, we found ourselves quickly thrown into a fully remote working environment, but now are faced with a very different office landscape. New questions arise, as we start the process of moving back – such…

Let’s Get Virtual

emgblog - lets get virtual

By Rachel Peck Most of our human interaction moved into the virtual realm literally overnight. However, it’s time to start looking beyond present circumstances to begin planning for long-term approaches to this new reality. With many events either canceled or postponed for the remainder of 2020, it raises questions as to how businesses can pivot successfully to a virtual space, without losing…

Remote Work Tools to Boost Productivity

blog_remote work tools to boost productivity

By Rachel Peck If you’re finding yourself missing your desk, the daily conversations with coworkers and the general noise of an office environment, you’re probably not alone. It can be difficult to find a new rhythm and feel productive in this new remote working situation – especially if you work best in a collaborative workspace. However, feeling connected, while working apart from…