Best Quarantine Social Media Channels

best quarantine social media channels

By Rachel Peck

If social media wasn’t popular enough, the past few weeks have seen it come into its full potential. Not only has it become one of the primary sources of news during the COVID-19 crisis, but with millions of people finding themselves sequestered in their homes, the quarantine is breathing life into older channels, and pushing newer ones to the forefront. Whether you’re looking to use these social platforms for your business, or to pass the time, here are our favorite quarantine social media channels:

Read all about it
It’s no surprise that the two top social media channels for news consumption – and in many cases the main source – are Facebook and Twitter. With a renewed focus on fighting misinformation, these two channels have teamed up with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help disseminate useful, factual information – particularly during this time. Even so, remember to always check your facts before sharing or distributing any information on these platforms, whether it be personal or professional. Though they are focused on eliminating as much false information as possible, caution should still be used.

Stay entertained, while socially distanced
We bet you have some extra time on your hands and these channels are currently doing their best to alleviate boredom. While the B2B community should be hesitant about starting a business account, TikTok is appearing to grow in popularity in terms of entertainment and brand visibility. During the past few weeks, this short-form video sharing platform is ushering in a whole new world of influencers, causing many brands to jump on board. Though TikTok has been at the forefront of those quarantine challenges (such as the Blinding Lights Challenge), it also is being used to disseminate COVID-19 information from organizations such as the WHO – perhaps reaching a younger audience less likely to be aware of guidelines. Though it might not be a good idea for your business to invest time into this channel now, keep your eye on it. Video isn’t going anywhere – especially now. Additionally, video streaming on social platforms, such as IGTV (Instagram TV) and Youtube have been a great way for people to, not only connect, but for brands to reach their audience in real-time. From yoga studios offering live workouts streamed on IGTV, to donation links added to Stories features.

Note: If you need a good laugh, or some inspiration for your own TikTok account, here are some of the best “fails.”

Apart, but connected
If you’re anything like us, you’re currently inside your home dreaming about the “good ole’ days,” however we’re trying to make the most of it and stay connected to our family and friends. According to TechCrunch, messaging platforms such as WhatsApp are seeing an increase in users. Additionally, favorites like Facebook and Instagram have also seen a 40% increase in usage from users between the ages of 18 – 34. Not only can you be using these platforms to stay connected to your friends and family, but also consider outreach with appropriate brand messaging – while there’s this influx of users. Never has the demand for content been so great. Consider experimenting with your posting times – as many of us find ourselves working a more flexible schedule at home, office hours no longer apply.

Perhaps now, more so than ever before, we’re finding ourselves in a time where the true power and potential of social media is being realized. After all, from the early stages of Facebook until now, wasn’t the plan all along for social media to connect us to each other?

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