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3 distractions that actually boost productivity

3 distractions that boost productivity

Everyone gets distracted, it’s just human nature. Distraction is often seen as a negative, but in reality, it can be positive and healthy for your brain. Distraction gives your brain time to rest and reset, allowing you to become productive again. Here are a few distractions that actually boost productivity: Take more (not less) breaksTaking small breaks throughout the day is a…

Tips for surviving 2021 – while maybe being productive

EMG Blog - Surviving 2021

By Rachel Peck Believe it or not, we’re only a few weeks into 2021 and it’s already proving to be every bit as unprecedented (we hoped to not have to use that word) as its predecessor. It’s days and weeks like this that make it hard to remember we ever lived in a world where our daily productivity wasn’t competing with local,…

3 Tips for Managing Burnout

EMG Blog - Managing Burnout

By Rachel Peck Here in Maine, we’ve soundly turned the corner from fall and are heading steadily towards winter. While we’d typically be preparing for the holidays, regrouping after a busy event season and prepping for mid-winter shows, this year is, of course, very different. The sunny and dry summer and fall months afforded us some sense of normalcy, making it easy…