Share the Love: Encouraging Employee Advocacy on Social Media


Only two percent of employees reshare their employer’s updates on social media, according to LinkedIn. Those same employees have 10 times the social media following of their employer. Why is this important?

As communications professionals, we’re often focused on our target audience, and while ultimately growing awareness and gaining conversions are the goals, are we ignoring additional channels within our own workforces? Beyond marketing campaigns and PR strategies, those working within your building should no longer be ignored. Here’s why encouraging employee advocacy on social media is key:

Why is it important?
Consumers would rather be advocated to by real humans, than just marketed to. Marketing and PR are an integral part of any campaign, but the human element shouldn’t be ignored. Word-of-mouth, or in this case social media advocacy, offers an authentic touchpoint for consumers. It also works as a testament to your brand’s work culture, which is becoming increasingly important to both consumers, employees and potential employees. A brand’s reputation and image starts with its people.

What is employee advocacy on social media?
Employee advocacy is as simple as resharing content that benefits both the employer and the employee. Employees can also advocate through story sharing on channels such as Instagram and Facebook – utilizing live videos and 24-hour snapshots. LinkedIn offers some great opportunities for advocacy through its business pages, which make it easy to connect a brand with employees. Additionally, social media managers can even consider handing over the keys to a channel, such as Instagram, for daily takeovers featuring an employee “day in the life.” Marketing automation software firm, Hubspot, does this regularly – seamlessly promoting company culture, connecting remote employees and featuring their global workforce.

How to encourage employee advocacy
Having a mission and company goals that promote a value-driven company culture can naturally encourage employees to advocate for your brand and its products. Creating a fulfilling work environment that employees want to advocate for is one way to encourage online positivity. However, don’t discount other methods, such as internal incentives through friendly competitions, or simply by asking. Consider creating content focused on your brand’s values, whether you offer flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities or volunteer incentives. Creating blogs and content highlighting these features will offer employees an easy opportunity to reshare and promote content they agree with.

At the end of the day, employees who believe in their work and company values will become advocates on social media and off. This authentic transparency will translate over into your overall brand messaging, while enabling teamwork through a common goal – the success of the company as a whole.