Marketing & Social Media Podcasts: What We’re Listening To


By Rachel Peck

If you’re like us, you might’ve spent the beginning of this pandemic participating in a lot of webinars and virtual conferences. However, we live busy lives – between daily activities, work responsibilities and at home schooling (for some) multi-tasking has become our best friend. Where webinars can be difficult to fit in, while doing other activities, podcasts offer a wealth of information in an easy to digest format – perfect for listening while walking the dogs, throwing in a load of laundry or making breakfast. In honor of International Podcast Day, here are a few marketing and social media podcasts you should add to your list, as well as a few ones just for fun:

Marketing Over Coffee
Hosts: John J. Wall & Christopher S. Penn
Since 2007, Marketing Over Coffee has been offering daily marketing tips, in a casual, conversational format. This podcast is perfect for individuals who are working from home and might be missing daily chats and industry updates from colleagues. Each episode is about 30 minutes long – perfect for a quick listen while you take a screen break. Topics include conversations about social media, SEO, email marketing and marketing technology trends. Recent episodes include a series on marketing AI. Most popular episodes can be found here.

Social Media Marketing
Host: Michael Stelzner
Social media has been growing and evolving at a rapid rate, making it a challenge for communications professionals to stay up-to-date on recent trends, updates, channels and best practices. This podcast is one of Social Media Examiner’s two podcasts and seeks to assist in helping professionals navigate the ever changing social landscape with expert interviews offering strategies, tactics and actionable tips. Recent episodes include a series on YouTube marketing and TikTok for businesses.

PR Week
Hosts: Steve Barrettt & Frank Washkuch
This podcast is hosted by PR Week editors and is a must-listen for any communications professional. Hosts offer weekly insight into mainstream news, discussions on communications trends and educational interviews with industry experts. This podcast offers valuable information for agencies and businesses of all sizes.

Sales Hacker
Host: Sam Jacobs
Sales Hacker is a community of B2B professionals with the mission to elevate and modernize sales. Its podcast topics cover a variety of topics – from emotional intelligence and career growth, to building a crisis-proof sales team and improving customer relationships. Whether you’re new to the industry, or a season pro this podcast will give you the tips, tactics and strategies to elevate your skill level. 

Just for fun
I’m a huge fan of podcasts, having been introduced to them several years ago mainly as a way to jump on the true crime train. I’ve since moved on to less terrifying content. My favorite way to get ready for the day (and unwind) is a walk or run with one of my favorite podcasts. Right now, I’m listening to Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Office Ladies with Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer from The Office.

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