Scylla AI-powered Intrusion Detection System integrated with exacqVision from Johnson Controls


AUSTIN and MILWAUKEE – September 08, 2021 – Johnson Controls and Scylla announced an integration of Scylla AI-powered Perimeter Intrusion Detection System with the Tyco exacqVision video management software. The integration will enable exacqVision customers to reduce the number of false positives by up to 99% and make better-informed decisions once perimeter intrusion is detected.

Integration with Scylla allows exacqVision customers to monitor their perimeter, keep track of motion alarms based on person or vehicle intrusion detection and see statistics of how many real alarms were triggered during a period of time and false positive rate. The integration provides flexibility for users to use the Cloud dashboard and/or operate locally for alerts to events of intrusion.

When configured to operate locally, intrusion alert notifications will be displayed in the video management software in the event monitoring profile in exacqVision. With the Cloud dashboard use, intrusion alert notifications are sent to the Cloud, so camera settings such as motion mask and object of interest are configured in the Cloud dashboard. Notifications with detection frames and additional information can be managed again on the Cloud dashboard and users can see all false alarm filtering statistics in an intuitive way.  

“We are excited to launch our technological partnership with exacqVision and support their extensive user base with our powerful Intrusion Detection System. This integration will help organizations significantly reduce false alarms, enhance their situational awareness and optimize operational costs,” said Albert Stepanyan, Scylla’s CEO.

“The exacqVision integration with Scylla IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is as simple as configuring motion detection on the cameras,” said Sanjeev Singh, senior director of product management, Access Control and Video Solutions, Johnson Controls. “The bi-directional integration between exacqVision and Scylla IDS ensures that exacqVision customers can quickly detect intrusion at the premise and take action to monitor live security video from the cameras. This helps mitigate security concerns from intruders and keeps the premise safe.”

With false alarm filtering being one of the pressing issues for security personnel who need to manage multiple cameras and locations, the Scylla Perimeter Intrusion Detection plugin will allow security professionals to save costs, avoid unnecessary panic and reduce false alarms by up to 99%. 

About Scylla
Scylla is a real-time physical threat detection solution. We utilize AI and computer vision to detect objects, actions and behavior anomalies. Our mission is to empower the private security industry with next-gen AI solutions. And with every new product in mind, we strive to make safety more accessible to those who could not afford it otherwise. Scylla AI-powered solutions serve to improve every part of your security infrastructure and range from object detection, anomaly detection & behavior recognition, to thermal screening, intrusion detection and drone security.

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