From A to Z, Exacq’s new high-capacity video servers store more video than ever before

MILWAUKEE (November 30, 2017) – Johnson Controls introduces hardware updates to the existing line of exacqVision Network Video Recorders including the Z-Series, A-Series and M-Series, which are now being built with high-capacity hard drives. The exacqVision S-Series server, which archives video, was also upgraded, allowing systems to store or archive more video than ever before.

These impressive enhancements are designed to address the significant rise in storage requirements demanded by today’s high megapixel cameras. In fact, it is estimated that each day video surveillance collects more than 500 petabytes of data and, according to a recent IHS Markit report, future estimates show that will grow to over 2,500 petabytes daily by 2019. []

The new exacqVision servers – including the A, M, S and Z Series – offer diverse storage options including RAID models that offer up to 216TB of available storage space.

Thanks to this enhancement, system administrators can more effectively manage large amounts of video data and store that data for longer periods of time, in some cases doubling the maximum age of video. This is a critical consideration for many organizations faced with new regulations that call for surveillance video to be retained for longer periods of time.

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