Enhance security and communication with ONVIF 2-way audio support now available with exacqVision 19.12

MILWAUKEE (December 17, 2019) – Johnson Controls introduces exacqVision VMS 19.12, providing enhanced security and communication with new ONVIF 2-way audio support, and offering more camera license deployment flexibility for Enterprise Manager customers, adding to the powerful features of Exacq VMS software.

Exacq’s ONVIF camera integration supports the ability to talk and listen through IP cameras equipped with audio I/O. This new feature is available with exacqVision 19.12 and is perfect for businesses who utilize entryway cameras to authorize visitors. Operators can hear what a visitor is saying and communicate back using the camera’s outbound audio.

As Exacq continues to enhance enterprise management capabilities, camera licenses can now be bulk purchased and unused licenses stored within Enterprise Manager to deploy as needed. Additionally, camera license SSAs will not age on Enterprise Manager.

“The enhanced features of Exacq’s enterprise management solution provides more control for administrators, making it easier to manage licenses and maximize uptime,” said Jordan Linback, exacqVision product manager.

This new software release also offers exacqVision Edge support to Illustra Pro Gen3 customers, providing a way to run exacqVision Edge on the Pro Gen3 cameras.

Exacq Mobile features a more mobile friendly camera-user experience and improved performance when viewing multiple camera streams. By tapping a camera panel, mobile users can display a full-screen view of the stream, as well as access camera-specific options. Tapping a single-camera panel no longer disconnects a user from other live streams, providing a way to quickly jump to other streams when navigating back to the multi-camera live view.

Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) stream management is now built into the exacqVision server, allowing users to configure an RSTP stream for a camera directly from the exacqVision client, which is much more user-friendly for customers integrating with exacqVision.

For more information on this latest release, visit www.exacq.com.