exacqVision v9.2 proves strong security, customized user experience can co-exist

MILWAUKEE (March 27, 2018) – Johnson Controls is introducing the latest version of exacqVision video management system (9.2) adding innovative features that enable users to individually configure and customize their system while providing strong security to help protect against cyber-attacks.

With a simple click and drag of a mouse, exacqVision 9.2 allows users to create a customized video wall layout with custom icons to deliver more meaningful information, facilitating faster and intuitive responses. VideoPush lets operators quickly send, or “push”, video search results to another user’s screen or spot monitor to aid in investigations for powerful user collaboration.

For uninterrupted situational awareness, users can now receive email notifications if a camera has stopped recording for a certain amount of time to ensure all video is recorded.

Accessibility to video on the go with Exacq Mobile is also enhanced. Video continuously plays from your mobile device, reducing lost surveillance when the device “goes to sleep” due to lack of interaction. To save valuable bandwidth, video panels can be configured to time out when interaction with the mobile app or web client stops.

exacqVision 9.2 also improves the login experience for users with access schedule restrictions and further supports cybersecurity best practices for password administration and management, such as easy-to-remember passphrases instead of shorter, complex passwords. Further, Exacq Mobile and the web client now disable form autocompletes to prevent theft of critical information that could provide network access.

For more information, visit www.exacq.com.