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So You Opened a Twitter Account… Now What?

Depending on your perspective, social media has become a necessary evil when it comes to recording traction and maintaining a presence within any industry. While there seems to be new social media platforms popping up each day, Twitter has withstood the test of time. Originally Twitter was used to get news out quickly, through an inverted pyramid style approach. With the initial…

Accolades and Judges Choice award winner Cobalt Robotics unveils leak and spill detection technology at Global Security Exchange

San Mateo, Calif.  September 18, 2018   — Cobalt Robotics, a manufacturer of intelligent security robots used to autonomously patrol indoor facilities, will unveil its new leak and spill detection sensing capabilities as part of the Global Security Exchange, one of the largest tradeshows and conferences to showcase the latest security technologies. At last year’s event, previously called the ASIS Annual Seminar and…